Mike Francesa, Dave Portnoy Agree To Pizza Review Date

Mike's On
October 08, 2019 - 4:03 pm

Mike Francesa and Dave Portnoy have set a pizza date.

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Francesa and the Bartstool Sports founder agreed on the air Tuesday to meet for a slice on Oct. 18 at noon in New York City. They said they would coordinate the exact location off the air and then later announce it to the public.

The meetup is part of Barstool's popular pizza reviews.

Portnoy said he had no problem with the event gathering a big crowd.

Francesa first suggested they meet around Yankee Stadium next week if Portnoy happened to be going to a Yankees playoff game, but "El Presidente" rejected that idea.

"No, I hate the Yankees," the Red Sox fan quipped.

Portnoy seemed to be open to just about any other suggestion, though.

Portnoy called in to Francesa's show in April to extend the invitation. The longtime WFAN host initially shot down the idea, saying he had "no interest" and that pizza isn't really a passion of his.

"Millions of people would die to know what you think is good pizza," Portnoy told Francesa then.

Francesa, however, quickly began to change his tune, and a few days later said he was accepting the offer. But it's taken them several months to agree on a date and place.