Francesa: Mets Knew About Cespedes' Heel; Slugger Might've Exaggerated Injury

Joe & Evan
July 23, 2018 - 12:33 pm
Yoenis Cespedes




The Mets were well aware of Yoenis Cespedes' heel injury before he dropped a bombshell Friday night by saying he needs surgery, WFAN's Mike Francesa says.

Francesa had the day off, but he called in to Evan Roberts' show to discuss what he learned after speaking with Mets sources this past weekend.

Cespedes told reporters that he would need surgery to remove the calcification in both of his heels at some point and that his recovery time would be at least eight to 10 months. A day later, Mets manager Mickey Callaway indicated he was unaware of the injury. 

"The Mets were well aware of the heel situation," Francesa said. "As a matter of fact, Cespedes saw a specialist for his heel three weeks ago. The Mets were well aware of it. They were going to manage his situation believing that, at least the way it was described to me, the doctors were feeling that if they put together a protocol that would control his gait, taking the heel into account, that maybe the other injuries wouldn't hapen, that the injuries were happening because of the heel."

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Cespedes returned to the lineup Friday after missing more than two months with a strained right hip flexor. The slugger has also battled hamstring and quad injuries over the past couple of years.

"The idea that the Mets did not know about his heel situation or why they didn't get it checked out -- well, they did get it checked out," Francesa said. "He did see a specialist for it. And everybody in the Met organization knew it, including the manager." 

So why did Callaway act as though he didn't know?

"Maybe he felt like he wasn't allowed to disclose that," Francesa said. "Someone's going to have to ask him why. But he was well aware that Cespedes had a heel injury."

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Francesa also said his sources told him that Cespedes was possibly overstating the severity of the injury, adding that doctors believe surgery is avoidable.

"The feeling was that somebody got to Cespedes -- a friend, family member, whoever -- and let him know that he was getting ripped on social media for the time he took off, and he then maybe, when he got there and finally met the media, exaggerated his situation with the heel," Francesa said.

A few other nuggets Francesa shared about the Mets: 

• "They will absolutely have a search for a general manager after the season's over," he said. "No ifs, ands or buts, the Mets are going to have a new general manager." Francesa added that it's his understanding none of the three executives filling in during GM Sandy Alderson's medical leave -- John Ricco, JP Ricciardi and Omar Minaya -- will be the choice.

• The Mets are still only willing to trade ace pitcher Jacob deGrom if they are "unbelievably blown away" by an offer. "That's where they've always been. That's where they still are," Francesa said.

• The return the Mets got in this weekend's Jeurys Familia trade to Oakland has been panned by some in the media. Francesa said Familia's 2016 domestic-violence arrest was a sticking point in negotiations. "That really hurt his value," Francesa said. The Mets acquired right-hander Bobby Wahl, infielder Will Toffey and $1 million in international slot money in exchange for the closer. The charges against Familia were eventually dropped, but he received a 15-game suspension.