Pete Alonso And Luis Rojas Reach Out To 82-Year-Old Mets Fan With Cancer

Granddaughter Used Twitter To Organize The Messages

Brandon Contes
March 18, 2020 - 8:00 pm

Tuesday night, 18-year-old Ally Henglein reached out to the Mets on Twitter, requesting to have a special message sent to her 82-year-old grandmother, Kathleen Selig.

Two weeks ago, Selig was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer and told by doctors she has only a few weeks left to live. With baseball and all sports suspended indefinitely because of COVID-19, there’s no guarantee Selig will be able to watch another Mets game.

Ally asked the Mets for anything to help boost her grandmother’s spirits.

"She was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and always took the opportunity to go see a ball game with her father," Henglein wrote on Twitter. "Since the mid 1960's, she has lived and breathed everything Mets. She's covered in blue and orange head to toe. She wears Mets apparel every day of her life, day and night, winter or summer. She even paints her nails blue and orange, and has worn a gold Mets necklace for the last 18 years that I have known her."

About six hours and 100 retweets after Henglein sent the initial tweet, Mets superstar first baseman Pete Alonso sent her a direct message, expressing his desire to help. Wednesday afternoon, overjoyed and tearful, the Selig received a video message from Alonso, followed by a phone call from new Mets manager Luis Rojas.

“I wish baseball was going on right now, it’s tough,” Alonso said in the video. “Life’s not the same without Mets baseball. I hope that this coronavirus thing passes very, very soon and we can get back to playing and everything is all good in the world when Mets baseball is back. I appreciate your lifelong support and as always, let’s go Mets."