Malusis: Rob Manfred Should 'Put a Clown Suit on'

Moose & Maggie
June 15, 2020 - 12:51 pm

Major League Baseball players and owners have dragged out a labor dispute well into June as they try to ramp back up amid the coronavirus pandemic, but after failing to reach an agreement they have created a boatload of damage to the sport.

WFAN’s Marc Malusis ripped into everyone – the players, owners and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred – on Monday’s “Moose & Maggie” show during a discussion about the impact the labor dispute has had on the game.

“Players and the owners have ravaged this sport,” Malusis said. “I don’t care what side you’re on, they ravaged this sport. … What am I supposed to look at this year as a baseball fan? As a historian of the game, what am I supposed to look at this year? It’s an absolute joke.”

Malusis, however, saved his best for Manfred, whom he called a clown and a failure as a leader for the sport.

“Manfred last week out there telling me, ‘Oh 100 percent we’re gonna have baseball.’ I mean, put a clown suit on,” Malusis said. “That’s really what it comes down to. He has been an epic, epic — in a leadership role right now — and epic and colossal failure. … Sometimes you gotta tell your owners you gotta bite it. You might not like it. You own a team here and we have to do what’s right for the sport. Manfred stuck by the owners – that’s fine. He’s a labor lawyer – that’s fine. But the health of the sport took a hit and they’re going to see it long term.”