Maggie And Bart: Neither Gettleman, Shurmur Should Return In 2020

LISTEN: Giants GM, Not Just HC, Needs To Be Fired

Moose & Maggie
December 10, 2019 - 4:00 pm

Monday night at Lincoln Financial Field, the New York Giants took a 17-3 lead versus the Philadelphia Eagles. From that point on, the Eagles outscored the Giants 20-0 in the second half and overtime. Philadelphia tight end Zach Ertz caught the game-tying touchdown pass with 1:53 remaining in regulation.

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He also caught the game-winning two-yard touchdown pass in overtime to seal the Eagles win. The Giants dropped to 2-11 on the season and have now lost nine straight games.

At this point, it looks like a foregone conclusion that Giants head coach Pat Shurmur will not return next season. General manager Dave Gettleman certainly isn't safe either. His future beyond this season is a fascinating discussion.

"Are you going to hang on to Dave Gettleman just because we've been conditoned to believe for so long the General Manager gets two bites of the apple, when the coach only gets one?," WFAN's Maggie Gray said.

"Whose to say a coach, an established coach, is going to want to work with Gettleman?," Bart responded.

Before joining the Giants before the 2018 season, Gettleman spent five seasons in the same position with the Carolina Panthers.

"What's the plan? "We've been asking this for two years?," Gray asked. "Whether this team is better off with Dave Gettleman as GM or not? The answer is so clear as bell that he's not. It's not a better team with him here. Congratulations, you picked Daniel Jones. Fantastic. You cannot keep a guy as the architect of your team and the person deciding the direction of your franchise just because they happen to hit on one guy. Look at the totality of the moves. This is not a good team."

From 2013-17 under Gettleman's leadership, Carolina advanced to the playoffs four times and won three NFC South titles.

"Let's talk about the architect," Scott proclaimed. "He got you some good shiny marble for a cheap price. You can talk about Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones, but then he got warp wood underneath when he got (Nate) Solder who got beat like a drum."

Barkley broke several franchise rookie records including most rushing touchdowns (11), most rushing yards (1,307), and most total touchdowns (15).

"Ogletree is not good," Gray said. "We could stack up all the moves. The good of Gettleman and the bad far outweighs... what are you afraid of? That you're going to look unstable? You already do. Worried the fans arent going to show up? They already aren't. You're worried that people arent going to care aout your product? They don't!"

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