Kyrie Says Nets Are 'Going To Take Over The Whole Entire City'

Irving Suggests They're Ready To Surpass Knicks As New York's Basketball Team

Brandon Contes
October 25, 2019 - 7:15 pm

Before the season began this week, Kyrie Irving suggested New York is becoming a Nets town.

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"Brooklyn's a place where they've built up everything around here, different residents are in here now, it's just a different culture," Irving told reporters after Tuesday’s practice. "But the same people that have supported New York basketball are still here and they support the Brooklyn Nets now. It's just a respect thing. If you can play, they'll respect you."

Irving’s confidence of taking over the city has not wavered, especially after the point guard dropped 50 in the Nets’ season opening loss to the Timberwolves. During a promotional event Thursday, Irving doubled down on his comments about New York supporting the Nets.

“We’re dressed in that all-black all year. We got a lot, a lot of goals to accomplish this season,” Irving said in a video tweeted by @Jengabcel. “The team is excited. Obviously we know in the months to follow, we got a sleeping, sleeping monster that’s on our team right there, so for real, that’s my best friend and I want to send good health to him. But for the time being, we’re going to take over the whole entire city. It’s about us.”

The sleeping monster Kyrie was referring to, is of course Kevin Durant who will not play this season while rehabbing from his ruptured Achilles.

Even though Durant isn’t expected on the court until the 2020-21 season, expectations for Brooklyn have still increased. The Nets made the playoffs last year, getting bounced in the first round, anything less for the Brooklyn basketball team will be a major disappointment. Meanwhile, expectations for their crosstown rival, New York Knicks are much lower. The Knicks have not made the playoffs since 2013, a drought that will most likely continue for at least another year.