LISTEN: Joe Benigno REALLY Wants Jets To Hire Mike McCarthy

Joe & Evan
January 07, 2019 - 2:08 pm


Joe Benigno got pretty worked up Monday discussing the Jets' head coaching search. 

"How about a guy that comes in here and coaches the team for like 10 damn years?" said Benigno, a lifelong Jets fans. "How about that? We haven't had that since Weeb Ewbank. Enough with the garbage and the second-rate guys you're going to bring in here. It's time to win. I want to go to war against Bill Belichick with a machine gun, not a slingshot."

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Benigno says former Packers coach Mike McCarthy is a "no-brainer" pick.

"Get it freakin' done right for a change," Benigno said. "A hundred million under the cap, you finally look like you've got a quarterback, the third pick in the draft, now get the damn right head coach in here. Enough. Enough!"​

Click on the video above to hear Joe's rant.