Jamal Adams Tweets Congratulations to Patriots Signing Cam Newton

Lou DiPietro
June 29, 2020 - 10:04 am

Jamal Adams hasn’t exactly endeared himself to anyone in, around, or involved with the Jets organization with his antics of late, and his latest comments on Twitter aren’t going to help that.

The New England Patriots, heated division rival of the Jets, announced on Sunday that they have signed quarterback Cam Newton to a one-year deal, and, well, Adams wasn’t exactly playing the role of “heated rival” in Tweeting about it.

Whether or not Newton and Adams are BFF isn’t even the issue here, based on the reaction of Jets fans on Twitter, but it’s the optics of Adams congratulating a division rival on, ostensibly, getting better.

Take it from JetNation, one of the more heavily-trafficked Jets fan sites around the web:

This is just the latest chapter in the saga of Adams’ attempt to play for literally anyone other than Gang Green, with previous chapters including him saying he’d have “loved to go to the Cowboys” after last season’s trade deadline, formally requesting a trade after an Instagram tirade, and reportedly yelling “I’m trying!” to a fan who told Adams he wanted him to come play for Dallas.

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