Giants Change Ticket Policy For Babies After NJ Mom Complains

Ryan Chatelain
August 28, 2019 - 3:51 pm

The Giants are revising their ticket policy regarding babies after being called out by a New Jersey mother. 

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Sarah Zadoyko-Bartee, whose family is season ticket holders, was told while entering MetLife Stadium for the Giants' Aug. 16 preseason game against the Bears that her 14-week-old son at the time, Silas, needed a ticket, which cost nearly $800.

Security let Silas into that game as a "one-time courtesy," Zadoyko-Bartee told WABC-TV

She then looked up MetLife Stadium's policy, which says all children up to 34 inches can enter events for free but they have to sit on someone's lap. The Giants, however, had a different policy that required tickets for everyone, even sleeping babies on laps.

"They are one of five teams left in the whole NFL that don't have a family-friendly policy," Zadoyko-Bartee told WABC. 

Zadoyko-Bartee, who breastfeeds her son, told CBS2 not bringing him to games creates logistical challenges because she would have to bring a pump and store milk. It's easier just to feed Silas herself, she said.

The Giants released a statement Tuesday saying: "We were not made aware of this particular situation until after the fact. We have attempted to reach out to the mother to discuss what occurred that evening, but have not yet made contact. In addition, we are in the process of revising our long-standing policy to bring it more in line with the policy of MetLife Stadium. Also, please note there is a nursing suite behind section 142 on the Plaza level. This suite can accommodate two people simultaneously and has comfortable chairs, a pull curtain for privacy and televisions. There is also a location where the Stadium will store milk for mothers that choose to pump."

By Wednesday, the Giants had changed their policy to match MetLife Stadium's, which was applauded on Facebook by Zadoyko-Bartee.