Francesa On Jamal Adams Vs. Patriots Mascot: Jets Safety Had Better Hire A Lawyer

Mike Francesa
January 24, 2019 - 10:41 pm
Jamal Adams




Jamal Adams had better lawyer up, Mike Francesa said on his show Thursday.

The Jets safety jokingly tackled the Patriots mascot during the Pro Bowl Skills Challenge in Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday. On Thursday, Adams said he was told the person in the Pat Patriot costume was taken to a hospital.

The NFL, however, has not confirmed that. A Patriots spokesman told that the man in the mascot costume was "sore."

Francesa discussed the incident on "Mike's On."

"Although I'm sure Adams thinks, 'Hey, man, I didn't hit him very hard,' he might as well call his agent and get a lawyer because the guy is going to absolutely sue him, and it's going to cost him some money to keep it out of court," Francesa said. 

"He's going to sue you. You can take it to the bank. ... He's got lawyers standing outside bribing orderlies to get into his room so they can stick cards in his bed."

Francesa added of Adams: "The kid's got a lot of talent. Again, these guys, worry about football. They worry about everything except football. Worry about football."

Adams has seemingly laughed off the incident, saying "Do I regret it? No!"

And in a Twitter response to Fox Sports' Skip Bayless on Thursday night about the incident, Adams wrote: "We’re having fun out here, giving the fans a show. Learn to live a little!"

Is Adams really that callous or is this all part of some prank?

The Pat Patriot Twitter account, meanwhile, had some fun with the incident. 


To listen to Francesa's take on the incident, click on the audio player above.