Eli Manning On WFAN: Focus Is On Finishing 8-8, Not Next Season

LISTEN: Giants QB Joins Mike Francesa

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December 10, 2018 - 6:11 pm
Eli Manning



Believe it or not, the Giants technically still have a small chance of making the playoffs.

Things looked incredibly bleak when the team started the season 1-7, but since then they've self-corrected and improved across the board. Now they enter the final few games of the season at 5-8 with the goal of finishing the season at a respectable 8-8, even if it won't be enough to earn them a spot in the postseason. 

Eli Manning took a bit of criticism when the team was struggling, but those complaints have now disappeared as Pat Shurmur's team have turned things around.

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On Monday, Manning joined Mike Francesa on WFAN to talk about the win in Washington and what has gone right for the Giants recently.

"Certain times you kinda just catch things right," said Manning. "Defense did great job scoring touchdowns, getting us turnovers, short fields. We break a couple long plays, hit some shots. We were able to build a big lead and rest up ... That's how you want them to work out. It wasn't a great start, but we just kind of played smart ... Saquon broke a couple big ones and then scored in the red zone. So it was a good day. It was one of those days where everybody got involved. Obviously Saquon had a huge day running the ball ... it's a fun day when you don’t know who is going to get the ball."

Despite the Giants' good form, much of the focus among fans is on next season. There are plenty of important questions that have to be answered this offseason, including whether Manning will stay with the team. The 37-year-old was asked if he had thought at all about what would happen next year.

"I really haven't. I think it's just important to be in the moment," Manning told Francesa. "Enjoy playing good football. Enjoy winning games. Gotta have our minds set on finishing 8-8. That's the goal, that's the mindset. It's there, and we gotta just keep the focus on that. That's where my mind is. I'm going to keep enjoying being with this team and playing and chasing that feeling in the locker room like the other day where you're winning and you're getting to celebrate with your teammates."

Manning's recent performances don't look like those of a quarterback who can no longer play. In the 40-16 win over the Redskins he completed 63.64 percent of his passes for three touchdowns and no interceptions.

Manning agreed with Francesa that this Giants team feels completely different to the one that struggled early in the season. 

"I think both sides of the ball are playing more confident. Defense is doing a great job, they're getting turnovers ... and offensively we've kind of found our identity with the run and the play-action ... guys are playing fast, the offensive line is playing good. We can play smart, we don't have to force things."

Listen to Eli Manning's full interview with Mike Francesa below: