Could Eli Manning Soon Be Joining Twitter?

John Healy
April 15, 2020 - 10:31 am

Eli Manning may try his hand in some new hobbies while in retirement, and that may include dabbling into the world of social media.

The 39-year-old former Giants quarterback is apparently toying with the idea of joining the social media platform while stuck at home with the rest of us during the coronavirus pandemic, according to his former teammate, kicker Lawrence Tynes.

Tynes, who won two Super Bowls with Manning during his career, tweeted a screenshot of his conversation with the quarterback on Tuesday night in which Manning said he was “thinking about it” in regards to joining Twitter.

“Do it! You would go to 1m instantly,” Tynes replied.

Manning went through his whole career without joining the social media craze — despite being the subject of memes and Sunday afternoon screenshots — and has always kept his life rather private for being a two-time Super Bowl champion in the Big Apple.

However, everyone knows Manning has a comedic side to him as well, which could very well shine in the Twitter-sphere.

From his commercials with older brother Peyton, to his times hosting “Saturday Night Live,” Manning has demonstrated the ability to be quite entertaining off the field despite his steady demeanor on it.

In fact, it is the reason Tynes is trying to recruit Manning to Twitter.

“First question I get from anyone Giants or non Giants fan, ‘what’s Eli like?’ He’s f---ing hilarious and awesome that’s what,” Tynes said in a follow-up tweet. “Most competitive dude I have ever met. Giants fans love him, America would love Twitter Eli.”