DeAndre Baker's Lawyer: He Was Victim of a 'Shakedown'

John Healy
May 18, 2020 - 3:33 pm

DeAndre Baker’s attorneys are beaming with confidence their client did no wrong.

Patrick Patel, one of Baker’s lawyers, conducted an interview on SNY on Sunday night where he said that his client is actually the victim of a “shakedown.”

“The situation is simple: [Baker] was the first-round draft choice at the party,” he asid. “There were no other first-round draft picks. [Quinton] Dunbar is an NFL athlete too. These two guys were the marks.” 

Baker, 22, was charged with four counts of armed robbery and four counts of aggravated assault after he, Dunbar – the Seahawks cornerback – as well as a third unknown individual, allegedly stole at least $12,000 of cash and several expensive watches from a house party in Florida last week.

The Giants cornerback was released on $200,000 bail on Sunday and is not allowed to leave the state of Florida, but Patel is confident his client will walk free.

“This case is going to be dismissed,” he told Paul Schwartz of The New York Post on Monday.

“Go look at the criminal history of the victims,” Patel added. “Go look at the criminal history of Baker. You know what the score is? One hundred to zero.”

During his interview with SNY, Patel went as far as to argue that the incident didn’t even occur.

“There was no robbery,” he added. “Nothing at all. He’s absolutely taking that position. And I’m confident that sate is going to look at all the facts and realize it’s absurd that a kid making $2 million a year is going to steal a fake watch.”

The Giants have told Baker not to attend their virtual offseason meetings and focus on his legal matters.

Patel believes Baker will come out of this a better person, but made a peculiar comparison of the path he sees Baker following.

“He’s got an opportunity to become the next Ray Lewis and not the next Ray Rice,” Patel told SNY. “There’s two guys who went in two different directions. I told DeAndre that. And he seems very focused. He’s scared straight. I can say that.”