Dating App Filter Off Holding MLB-Themed Speed Dating Events

Lou DiPietro
July 20, 2020 - 12:11 pm

Relationships where the two parties are fans of opposite teams, and even ones where the rooting interests represent both sides of a bitter rivalry, can survive – take it from this writer whose household is tense for two weeks each fall around both Eagles-Giants games.

Wouldn’t it seem to be better, though, if you knew right away that a potential significant other was someone you could go to games with and know you’re on the same side?

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Well, if you’re a Yankees or Mets fan, the new dating app Filter Off has you covered, as they have set up a virtual singles event to commemorate the start of the MLB season on July 23.

“With the pandemic, we all need more joy right now, especially New York fans. This speed dating event gives Yankee and Mets fans a way to romantically connect with other singles who share their love for baseball,” Filter Off CEO Zach Schleien told “Dating is so much more than what they look like, it's also the values that you share, and attending an interest-based virtual speed dating event allows you to meet like-minded singles who also have similar interests and passions.”

Filter Off is a unique service that is “changing the paradigm of online dating with video-first dating,” by setting users up on intimate 100-second video speed dates that allow users to look beyond just a profile picture and a few words.

“Traditional dating apps require a ton of time. It's the most authentic and efficient way to date,” Schleien said. “Plus, Filter Off takes care of all of the work – you just need to show up and attend the speed dating event. The dates are set up for you.”

This year, or at least right now, you can’t attend games together, but perhaps some socially-distanced viewing on YES or SNY or listening on WFAN might be in the cards?

The Filter Off app can be downloaded by visiting, and here are the instructions on how to take part in these speed-dating events:

How events work on Filter Off:

  1. Install Filter Off
  2. Find the Yankees & Mets - MLB Lovers event under the Events tab and RSVP to the event
  3. 45 minutes prior to the event, you'll receive a text message from Filter Off asking you to confirm your attendance
  4. Once you do, you will be scheduled video dates (based on gender, gender interest, and age preference)
  5. When your date time begins click Start Video and your video date will begin
  6. After each date, select whether you like them or not
  7. If it's mutual like, you're entered into a match (in-app message or video message)