'CMB' Debate Whether CC Sabathia Is A Hall Of Famer

LISTEN: 'Carlin, Maggie And Bart' Discuss The Yankees Pitcher's Place In Baseball History.

Maggie Gray & Bart Scott
May 01, 2019 - 3:52 pm

By WFAN.com

Tuesday night was historic for CC Sabathia.

In the second inning of the Yankees 3-1 loss to the Diamondbacks, Sabathia struck out the side to earn his 3000th strikeout. He was the 17th pitcher in baseball history to achieve the feat, and just the third lefty to do so.

Sabathia has announced that he will retire at the end of this season, and thus there is debate now over whether he deserves a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame after quite an accomplished career.

“Carlin, Maggie and Bart” debated the subject at the beginning of their show on Wednesday. Chris Carlin came out and explained why he doesn’t think Sabathia has earned a place in the Hall.

“I personally just don’t see it,” said Carlin. “I look at his entire career and there were a couple of years where he was very good … four years where he was dominant, and then just a lot of good years. You want to use the word ‘compiler’ … I admire everything that he has been through and the way that he has gotten back from alcoholism … I just don’t see him as one of those guys.”


Sabathia has managed 247 wins and a 3.69 ERA over his 19-year-career. He won the AL Cy Young Award in 2007 as a member of the Cleveland Indians.

Sabathia’s career will end in the same year that former Yankee pitcher Mike Mussina was enshrined in Cooperstown. Mussina was seen as a borderline Hall of Famer and ultimately had to wait six years before receiving enough votes to be inducted.

Maggie Gray disagreed with Carlin. She thinks Sabathia deserves more and may end up being a Hall of Famer.

“He’s a top 25 starter if you look in terms of starts, innings, W.A.R. I just think that we’re in a position right now where the numbers by which we are judging starting pitching are literally changing before our eyes. It’s not even going to be about the strikeouts in a couple years, because guys are swinging and missing with abandon. There just isn’t that premium placed on getting on base like there was … who knows how people are thinking about things in 2025.”

If Sabathia does follow through and retire at the end of the season, he will become eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2025.

Sabathia’s family was on hand in Arizona to watch him achieve the feat. The victim of his 3000th strikeout was former Yankee John Ryan Murphy.

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