Braylon Edwards Blames Brian Schottenheimer For Jets' AFC Championship Defeats

LISTEN: The Former Jets WR Joined 'Maggie Gray & Bart Scott'

Moose & Maggie
September 16, 2019 - 6:11 pm

For the most part, Braylon Edwards looks backs fondly on his time at the Meadowlands.

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Edwards was with the Jets for their back-to-back trips to the AFC Championship game in 2009 and 2010. Those were the best teams the franchise has had in recent memory, but both fell just short of reaching the Super Bowl.

Edwards has a new book out, and he joined Maggie Gray and Bart Scott in studio on Monday to talk about his book and to look back on his spell in New York. Edwards still holds a grudge against Brian Schottenheimer, the team’s offensive coordinator at the time, for Schottenheimer’s game plan in those AFC title games.

“Bart knows, there’s no love lost between me and Schotty,” Edwards said on WFAN. “I feel like we were better off as a team in those two AFC Championships than we showed. I felt as though there was too much emphasis trying to be put on ‘let’s make Santonio (Holmes) look good. Let’s make LaDainian (Tomlinson) look good’ … like nobody cares about that. What’s going to win?”

The 36-year-old former receiver took issue with the Jets going away from their “ground-and-pound” running game when it had carried them so far.

Rex Ryan’s teams won two games on the road to start each postseason campaign before falling at the hurdle that is the AFC Championship game. The Jets lost 30-17 to the Colts their first time there, and then 24-19 to the Steelers the following year.

Scott, who was Edwards’ teammate on these Jets squads, agreed that Schottenheimer messed things up as he was trying to impress for his next job.

“Schotty, I felt like he was like (Kyle) Shanahan. He was trying to coordinate for a head coaching job. And I always felt that there was a little animosity towards Rex because Schottenheimer had interviewed for the job and didn’t get it. And he was trying to prove that he was a genius.”

Edwards’ time in New York ultimately ended unceremoniously, as the team declined to re-sign him and he ended up joining the 49ers on a one-year deal. He started his career with the Browns, and also spent time with the Seahawks before retiring.

Despite that, Edwards' only regret from his time in New York was when he was arrested for a DUI in September of 2010.

“I wish I wouldn’t have drove to Jerricho’s (Cotchery) event … that’s the only thing I do regret. I wish I just wouldn’t have driven at all, and stayed in the city like we usually do … I probably would’ve played another year right after that. I probably would’ve been the one to sign that contract.”

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