Boomer Esiason: Jamal Adams Didn't Demand Trade, Jets Want To Keep Safety

Boomer and Gio
October 30, 2019 - 10:06 am

Tuesday's trade talk involving Jamal Adams appears to have caused a crack in the relationship between the Jets and their Pro Bowl safety. But WFAN's Boomer Esiason says bad information is at the heart of the rift.

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Reports in the hours leading up to Tuesday's 4 p.m. trade deadline indicated the Jets were open to trading the Pro Bowl safety, but no deal never materialized.

The loudest speculation involved the Dallas Cowboys, although the Baltimore Ravens also reportedly discussed a possible trade for Adams. ESPN's Ryan Clark reported that Adams wanted to go home to the Dallas area to play for the Cowboys, and ESPN's Josina Anderson reported "valiant efforts were made" Monday night "to convey Jamal Adams' interest in playing for the Dallas Cowboys."

After the deadline passed, Adams sent out a pair of angry tweets saying he never asked to be traded from the Jets and accusing Jets general manager Joe Douglas of going "behind my back" to shop him around to other teams.

Douglas said in a news conference Tuesday that he did not initiate any conversations about Adams. He added that his policy is to listen to all offers and that only a franchise quarterback is untouchable.

On Wednesday's "Boomer and Gio" show, Esiason said he spoke to NFL executives on other teams, coaches, NFL insiders and agents to get to the bottom of the situation. 

"Jamal Adams never asked for a trade," Esiason said. "His agent never asked for a trade. OK? That's fake news.

"And I think that's the emotional part of what Jamal Adams was reacting to yesterday on social media because that thing got exacerbated on social media."

Jamal Adams

Esiason also said all signs point to the Jets wanting to keep Adams. 

"But it is the fiduciary responsibility of the general manager to pick up the phone and listen to potential offers," he said. 

"The consensus among the NFL people that I spoke to (is) Jamal Adams is a 1% player, meaning that he's in the eyes of many to be considered a Khalil Mack of his position, a DeAndre Hopkins of his position, a top-end Le'Veon Bell at his position -- that type of player. And the Jets would be idiotic to get rid of him unless somebody offered them an idiotic package in return."

Esiason added that the Jets actually spoke to three teams about Adams, although he did not name the mystery third team. The former NFL quarterback and morning show host added that, while Adams had not been seeking to leave the Jets, he probably got "excited" when he learned he could be traded to his hometown team, the Cowboys, who are leading their division.

"I personally think that Jamal Adams probably got his hopes up that maybe this could happen, and I'm sure his agent was spinning things, and I'm sure the Cowboys were spinning things," Boomer said. 

Esiason said he believes the Cowboys may have planted the story about Adams wanting out of New York to put pressure on the Jets to accept their offer.

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