Black Cat Delays Giants Cowboys Game

Turns Out To Be Bad Omen For Big Blue

Brandon Contes
November 04, 2019 - 10:56 pm

It was a bad omen for the Giants as a black cat made its way to the field Monday night. In a strange scene during the Giants/Cowboys Monday Night Football matchup, the cat forced a two-minute delay near the end of the second quarter. 

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At the time, the Giants had the ball and led the game 9-3. But after the cat made an appearance, Big Blue began struggling to solve the Cowboys' offense. The cat would eventually make its way through the tunnel and the Giants would ultimately fall to the Cowboys 37-18.

New York Giants reporter, Madelyn Burke said according to MetLife Stadium, the black cat is one of the "resident strays" there. Stadium officials plan to catch the cat and bring it to a veterinarian.