Bill Simmons On WFAN: The Brady/Belichick Era Is Over If Patriots Lose To Chargers

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January 11, 2019 - 6:27 pm
Tom Brady and Bill Belichick

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Four teams have already been sent home, and now the NFL playoffs really kick into high gear.

The Divisional Round gets underway on Saturday when the Indianapolis Colts venture into Kansas City to face the Chiefs. The Cowboys and Rams play Saturday night, and then on Sunday the Patriots and Saints take on the Chargers and the Eagles respectively.

Each game has its own storylines and its own sense of intrigue, but one game stands out in terms of the effect it could have on the league’s greatest dynasty. The Chargers are a popular pick to knock-off the Patriots in Foxborough, something that hasn’t been done in the playoffs since the Ravens did it in the 2013 AFC Championship Game.

On Friday, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons joined Mike Francesa to discuss the second round of the playoffs, and particularly the game taking place on Sunday in Massachusetts. Simmons had some bold predictions about what might happen if the Patriots are defeated.

“If the Pats lose this game, I think it’s over,” said Simmons. “I really do. It was an unbelievable run. It was two decades, but if they can’t even get out of round two with a bye, with a really healthy team, I don’t know what the upside is going forward with the 42-year-old QB and the coach who is about to be 70.”

Still, the Patriots' dominance of the 21st century is hard to pick against. New England has won five Super Bowls since 2000. They have qualified for the last seven AFC Championship games and haven't missed the playoffs since 2008.

Vegas has New England as slight favorites at -4.5, and a lot of people are still backing Los Angeles to pull off the upset. Philip Rivers is 0-7 against Tom Brady in his career, but TB12 has not exactly been at his best this season.

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Simmons looked to the end of Peyton Manning’s career to speculate how the end of Brady’s career might go.

“Peyton Manning came back from the neck surgeries and started putting up yards again, and at some point we were like ‘wow he’s just going to keep doing this forever,’ and then he showed up one year and it was gone … It has to end, and it usually ends badly.”

Francesa and Simmons also discussed the other three games on the slate this weekend. Simmons was particularly high on the Colts' chances in Kansas City, where this is a history of playoff disappointments.

"KC has a lot of baggage," Simmons told Francesa. "They have a lot of skeletons ... It's double baggage. They haven't won a playoff game at home since '94, they're like 0-6. Andy Reid has his own playoff thing. Luck has gone in there and won a crazy game against them. Normally I'd be worried about the dome team in Arrowhead, but I do feel like if the Colts keep it close, I think that crowd's going to get really nervous ... I really feel like they can win."

Listen to Mike's full interview with Bill Simmons above.