Report: NBA Mulls Reduced Regular-Season Schedule, In-Season Tournament
June 26, 2019 - 3:09 pm
Adam Silver

David T. Foster III/Charlotte Observer/Sipa USA


A reduced number of regular-season NBA games may be on the horizon.

According to an ESPN article, a conference call between the NBA and at least a dozen top-level league executives yielded wide-ranging conversations about a possible restructuring of the NBA schedule for the 2021-22 season. 

A shortened season and a midseason “cup style” tournament were both reportedly discussed. Those who support the midseason tournament acknowledged that the regular season would have to be reduced from 82 games if the event were to be seriously considered. A play-in tournament for the postseason was also reportedly proposed. 

The amount of games proposed to be slashed from the regular season to compensate for the tournament varied widely. Some reportedly suggested the regular season be taken down to as few as 58 games, ensuring that each team plays a home game against every other team. Others took a more conservative approach and only suggested a handful of games be dropped to accommodate the midseason competition. 


Proponents of a shortened regular season on both the league and team levels have argued that fewer games could actually help economically because it would make games more meaningful and therefore more competitive in the competition for entertainment dollars.

The league also believes that adding something like a tournament to replace the reduced regular-season games could offset lost revenue.