Mike Francesa: Yankees Can't Give Mets What They Want For Noah Syndergaard

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July 29, 2019 - 5:00 pm

The Mets have been buyers at the deadline thus far, but they could also prove to be sellers.

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New York acquired pitcher Marcus Stroman from the Blue Jays on Sunday in exchange for a couple of prospects. That’s one itcher on his way in, while another could still be on his way out.

Brodie Van Wagenen has reportedly been listening to offers for Noah Syndergaard, but he apparently wants a significant haul in return for the 26-year-old. On Monday, Mike Francesa elaborated on what the Mets are looking for, and which teams might have it.

“What I have heard in the last hours is that … in the Mets’ process here, and in their belief system of what they want, there are very few teams that can give them what they want here, and the Yankees don’t seem to be one of those teams, from what I understand,” said Francesa. “The Yankees, which is what you’re interested in, do not really have the prospects that would give the Mets enough that they would be content.”

The Yankees have been mentioned quite a bit as a possible destination for Syndergaard, as they are reportedly in the market for a pitcher at the trade deadline. It’s not often that the Mets and Yankees swap players, but Brian Cashman said recently that he would be willing to trade with every team in the league except for the Red Sox.

Even though the Yankees and Mets don’t compete in the standings, they do compete on the back pages of the New York City tabloids. The Mets might feel uncomfortable dealing Syndergaard to the Bronx even if they managed to put together a suitable trade package.

Francesa says the Mets aren’t too enamored by the Yankees’ available prospects, but are so by what other teams can offer.

“They like [Deivi> Garcia, but they don’t like anybody else. So, unless they put [Gleyber> Torres in the deal, which we all know they’re not doing … Syndergaard is not going to go to the Yankees, because they don’t have a group that’s going to work, they don’t have a package that’s going to work. Now, what teams do? From what I understand, the Braves do, but I don’t see the Mets and Braves making a trade … and San Diego … according to what I understand from people I trust, they have the prospects that could make the deal.”


Noah Syndergaard
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The Padres would be an interesting suitor for Syndergaard. They’re seven games back in the race for the NL wild-card spots, which has them just one game behind the Mets. San Diego could trade for Syndergaard with the future in mind. He’s no short-term rental, as he’s still under contract for two more years following this season.

New York did part with one pitcher on Monday. Jason Vargas was traded to Philadelphia for a minor-league catcher.

Francesa also pointed out that the Mets could end up holding onto Syndergaard after all of this.

“It’s not impossible that they don’t make a trade and they take this team the rest of the way.”

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