Mike Francesa: Yankees Are Measured By Championships, Not Moral Victories

Calls End Of Bronx Bombers' Season Disappointing

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October 21, 2019 - 4:02 pm

The Yankees saw their season dramatically end at the hands of Astros' hero Jose Altuve. 

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As Altuve's home run bounced off of the wall at Minute Maid Park, the Astros advanced to their second World Series in three years and the Yankees left empty-handed. New York, after winning 103 games - the most since 2009 - has went an entire decade without a World Series appearance. It's not a familiar sight for the historic 27-time championship franchise. 

WFAN's Mike Francesa says the Yankees' abrupt exit from the postseason is a disappointment despite the adversity faced over their 162 regular season games. 

"There's no moral victories for the Yankees," Francesa said. "There never can be. There was a couple of years when making the playoffs was enough as they rebuild. They've made a little bit of that innocent climb in the playoffs, but this year was a year if the Yankees did not get back to the World Series - where they haven’t been in a decade, this year was a disappointment. Despite everything they overcame, all the injuries they had, the performances that came out of nowhere, this year was a disappointment.

This team has failed to do what it needs to do and that is get to a World Series. The Yankees are still - and you don't want that to change - measured by championships. They're measured by World Series visits and rings. That should never change because if it does, you're no longer the Yankees."

Francesa suggest the Yankees return to their normal ways and general manager Brian Cashman secure one of the most notable names on the free agent market this offseason. Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole is likely to receive interest from a handful of teams and could help the Yankees while Cashman disarms the one team that has been a roadblock in his path to the World Series.

"This team was supposed to go to the World Series this year," Francesa said. "This team was a disappointment. If they try to sell you anything else, it's nonsense. If you try to justify it in your own mind, it's nonsense. The idea is to get to the World Series and you didn't. It's a disappointing year and you try to build on it. Maybe you take Cole away from them. Maybe you get (Madison) Bumgarner. Maybe you get another guy to throw in the middle of the lineup."

Gary Sanchez totaled two hits throughout the ALCS. He hit a two-run home run in Game 4, but remained virtually silent at the plate. 

"I've been against benching Sanchez," Francesa said. "But he's got to be better than this — offensively and defensively. There's no more coddling. He's got to be better. (Gleyber) Torres grew up in the series and he's got to be better in the field. (DJ) LeMahieu had a wonderful year. Even (Gio) Urshela, you've got to give him credit for what he did. He didn't hit at all in the series but then he did have a heck of a Game 6.

Yankees had four guys who were 43 of those 64 strikeouts - Encarnacion, Sanchez, Judge and Gardner. They had plenty of chances and they didn't get the job done." 

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