Mike Francesa On Wild Card Game: 'Biggest Crowd I've Seen In Stadium'

Mike Francesa
October 04, 2018 - 5:55 pm

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By WFAN.com

Yankees fans can take a deep breath and sigh of relief as the Wild Card game is now over with. The Yankees beat the Oakland A's handedly, 7-2. They now can focus on the main event. They will start the ALDS with the rival Red Sox in Boston Friday night in what should be a heck of a series. 

Mike Francesa was of course in the building in the Bronx for a special night. 

"It was a New York night last night. It felt like an October night last night," Francesa said on WFAN Thursday. "You had a star-studded crowd. You had a lot of people in the stands. Joe Torre was on one side of me, Rudy is on the other side. It felt like an old time Yankee night last night. The crowd was jammed in the stadium. It was the biggest crowd I saw in the stadium last night. It didn't leave early. It was a big crowd. It was loud. It will be really loud when the Red Sox come to town."

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