Mike Francesa Signs Off From Last Show In Afternoon Drive

He Will Continue To Be Heard On WFAN And RADIO.COM

Mike's On
December 06, 2019 - 7:46 pm

Mike Francesa isn’t leaving WFAN, but Friday was his final time hosting afternoon drive on the station. A mainstay on WFAN’s lineup for more than three decades, Francesa expressed sincere gratitude and discussed what’s next for him.

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“Everybody feels a connection to the FAN, because the FAN was the first all sports talk station,” Francesa said. “It was a grand experiment that was supposed to fail and it turned out to be a colossal success. It turned out to be something very, very special, a place known far and wide. There’s no one in sports in America that doesn’t know WFAN.”

“From the days of what Don Imus brought to this station, which was immeasurable, to my relationship with Dog which went on to be one of the legendary programs in the history of radio, to this day. I thank everyone who’s been a part of it and more than anyone else, the audience.”

Francesa said he challenged the callers and cherished the audience because “without them, there’s no ratings, there’s no longevity, there’s no success.”

The longtime WFAN radio host also cited the special connection he had with his listeners.

“Whatever it was from the day I showed up here that allowed the audience to gravitate to me, I’m just very fortunate that was the case, sometimes you don’t know why things happen the way they do.”

Francesa continued to thank everyone that had a hand in the accomplishments of the show, but he again emphasized the importance of the audience. “Without you it never would’ve happened, I would’ve been here six weeks instead of 30 years.”

Francesa also made sure to note he will remain a contributor to RADIO.COM and WFAN, with a daily presence on both platforms beginning in January. RADIO.COM will offer immediacy, giving Francesa the ability to create content and do a live call-in show whenever there is big news.

In addition to his expanded presence on the RADIO.COM app, Francesa will continue to be involved at WFAN with a 30-minute show, weekdays at 6pm, of which the details are still being worked out.

“It’s been an incredible run, I thank you all very much and I’ll see you soon."

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