Francesa On Giants' Shurmur: Fourth Quarter Was 'Worst Coaching By Anybody Who's Ever Strolled That Sideline'

Mike's On
October 21, 2019 - 4:57 pm

Head coach Pat Shurmur left Giants fans scratching their heads following the team's loss to Arizona on Sunday.

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With 3:18 left in regulation, the Giants trailed Arizona by a field goal. Daniel Jones faced a tall task at 3rd-and-18 on his own 30-yard line. Shurmur, however, opted for 3-yard run with Saquon Barkley instead of putting the ball in his rookie quarterback's hands. Barkley picked up three yards and set up Jones' fumble on the next play. 

Arizona extended its lead to six points and the Giants never recovered, losing their third-straight game. Shurmur's decision-making left WFAN's Mike Francesa bewildered at the entire sequence.

"On display in the fourth quarter is some of the worst coaching by anybody who's ever strolled that sideline," Francesa said. "What the heck was going on with the head coach yesterday? Can anybody explain any of these moves? Are we serious here? I watched the press conference and he's like, 'No, I'm down on that.' You have a problem with your guy taking the ball out and wind it up on the 12-yard line? 'No, I'm down on that. I thought that —' Really, you want to start it on the 12(yard line) with no timeouts instead of starting on the 25-yard line and not having the clock run. 

We can get into each one of them. I'm not even going to make a big deal over this propensity of trying to get blood from a stone on these pass interference reversals, which are not going to happen. They don’t want to reverse them so you come to a point where I'll stay away from them. But keep challenging them. You going to get one right? No, but keep challenging them because I think I'm right. You saw coaching that explains why his record is what it is."

Jones threw six touchdowns and seven interceptions since being named the Giants' starting quarterback. He's shown his play-making ability, but also tendencies that come along with being a rookie QB. There's no reason to put the Giants recent slide solely on Jones' shoulders. 

"Listen, this is not the time to attack the quarterback. Leave the kid alone," Francesa said. "He didn't ask to be anointed after Game 1. All he did was come here and do his job. The kid has been a good kid about everything. Leave him alone and let him play the position. It's about him now. It's not about Eli (Manning) anymore. The best place Eli could be on this team is where he is—not trying to figure out what the heck this head coach is doing because no one can have an idea what he's doing."

The Giants' lackluster start begs the question to where does New York go from here? Should general manager Dave Gettleman and Giants brass look to relieve Shurmur of his duties? Francesa says that puts the organization in a stagnant position. 

"You hate to have to keep changing regimes because that's what losing franchises do. They keep throwing out regimes and what happens is the next regime comes in and says, "I need a year to scrape it clean before I can build my team and that goes on and on and all of a sudden, you're getting nowhere in 15 years.

The Giants handled the late (Tom) Coughlin days terribly. Tom, Eli get some of the blame for that no question. But those guys were champions. Eventually, Tom got thrown out with the dishwater and Eli got thrown out with the dishwater. Nothing's changed. They're still losing."

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