WATCH: Mike Francesa Reacts To Death Of Kobe Bryant

'He Played The Game With A Passion'

Mike's On
January 26, 2020 - 6:37 pm

Kobe Bryant's death Sunday is a reminder of how fleeting life can be, Mike Francesa said. 

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"When you think about the sudden passing of a player of that note, how it rocks everybody's world a little bit -- and the reason why is it just cautions you to always remember what we often forget, and that is that our lives are very precious, our time is very short," the WFAN and RADIO.COM host said Sunday. "To take the time to do and live your life because time is nothing to waste. And as you get older, you realize that more, and you realize that you want to spend your time with the people that you want to spend it with, with the people you love and tell the people you love that you do love them because that it something that we don't do enough of."

Bryant, 41, and eight other people -- including his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, were killed in a helicopter crash near Los Angeles.

Francesa said it was heartbreaking that the crash took not only the life of the former Lakers superstar "but also the lives of youngsters who had not even had the time to live and accomplish. At least Kobe had the chance to accomplish. Kobe lives half a life. It was an incredible life, but he lives half a life."

Kobe Bryant
Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Francesa said Bryant enjoyed "one of the great careers of all-time" in any sport. 

"When you're known by just one name, by just the first name, then obviously your fame had reached a very impressive status, and his clearly did in terms of what he accomplished, in terms of his wins, in terms of his productivity, in terms of the drive he had and the force he played the game with," Francesa said. "Kobe Bryant played the game with a force. He played the game with a passion. He brought a lot into the sport, and obviously he'll be remembered for as long as they play basketball."

To watch Francesa's full remarks on Bryant's death, watch the video above.