Francesa: ‘We Don’t Like The Unknown’

Everyone Is Left Waiting As Sports Are Silenced Indefinitely

Mike's On
March 13, 2020 - 8:00 pm

Returning to his WFAN show, Mike Francesa addressed the coronavirus outbreak in the United States and its rapidly spreading impact on the world of sports.

“So much of this is sit and wait for something to happen,” Francesa said Friday evening. “They don’t know what it is, they don’t know how long it’s going to be, they don’t know the impact that it’s going to have. Is this going to be one where we look back and say, ‘it really wasn’t that big of a deal,’ or are we going to look back a month from now and say ‘who could have expected this much devastation.’

In terms of sports, Francesa said the PGA doesn’t want to cancel the postponed Masters Tournament. They want to play it this year, even if they need to schedule it in July or October. “There’s already talk the PGA is next, which is scheduled for mid-May and it’s going down soon,” Francesa said, adding “I heard it could go down by the next few days.”

“Basketball, hockey, do you bring them back cold and start the playoffs?” Francesa asked. “Or do you play the last five games of the season to tune everybody up and give teams that are close a chance to still compete to get into the playoffs?”

“All decisions that still have to be made,” Francesa said. “But we’re not even at the point where we’re even getting ready for those decisions yet. We’re still in the sit, wait and watch stage. And we’re not very good at sitting, waiting or watching. And we don’t like the unknown.”

March Madness was canceled. The NBA announced they’re suspending play for a minimum of 30 days. Major League Baseball hopes to start their season Apr. 9, but it appears to be a lofty goal as they just began allowing players to leave Spring Training.

“We want to know, that it’s this date so we can be ready for it, look forward to it and talk about it,” Francesa said of the unknown. “But right now, it’s sit and wait, and let’s see what happens – ‘we’ll get back to you’ – and we don’t like we’ll get back to you.”

“Everything is on hold – whether your name is Bernie, Biden or Trump – Judge or Conforto,” Francesa added. “Or maybe everybody except Brady. Because it looks like the next thing everyone will obsess over from a sports standpoint is the NFL. Because there’s no reason why the NFL can’t open their season within the next couple of days.”

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