Mike Francesa: Lack Of Improvement Shows Giants' Ineptitude

New York Set To Pick Fourth In 2020 NFL Draft

Mike's On
January 20, 2020 - 7:43 pm

The San Francisco 49ers are three seasons removed from one of their worst seasons in franchise history. The 49ers tallied two wins in 2016 as they began to rebuild its organization. On Sunday, San Francisco clinched the NFC Championship and booked its trip to Super Bowl LIV.

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What changed in the brief span?

The 49ers acquired young quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, hired head coach Kyle Shanahan, named John Lynch as general manager and used their first round picks to select defensive standouts Nick Bosa and Solomon Thomas and starting right tackle Mike McGlinchey. The 49ers went from a four-win season in 2018 to Super Bowl contenders. 

WFAN's Mike Francesa believes it's "very easy" to have a minor turnaround while having the advantage of multiple top draft picks. The Giants, however, haven't followed San Francisco's trend of success — though it would be hard for any team to replicate San Francisco's remarkable turnaround. He believes the Giants' third straight losing season with very little improvement showcased the team's ineptitude.

"It's very easy in this league to get from four to eight or nine wins," Francesa said on "Mike's On.""It's the easiest thing to do and you almost have to be incompetent over a period of years drafting at the top of the draft, which the Giants now will be doing again, another year — the Giants, that it's taken them this long, are the height of incompetency.

"Because in this league, this league is set up for you to go from four (wins) to nine (wins) in the snap of a finger," Francesa continued. "What it's not set up for you to do is to go from four (wins) to 13. ... The Giants languishing shows you just how inept they've been."

In 2019, the Giants (4-12) finished third in the NFC East and saw their win total drop one game over the past season. General manager Dave Gettleman holds the fourth overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft — the third straight year where New York is slated to pick within the top six. 

"They've drafted at the top of the draft every year, they should be improving when you do that," Francesa said. "You were able to get these guys on your roster. The Giants would look better if they had (Josh) Allen on their roster too because they needed a big time pass-rusher, which they are going to have to buy. Because they're probably in a spot where there's not going to be a pass-rusher they love.

"You would expect them to be better fast," Francesa added. "That doesn't take a lot of doing. Teams do it in this league all the time..." 

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