Mike Francesa: Giants Need Leadership From Next Head Coach; Hiring Assistants Hasn't Worked

WFAN Host Says Team Needs Experience And Authority

Mike's On
January 06, 2020 - 7:15 pm

The Giants aren't rushing their search for their next head coach. 

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Since firing Pat Shurmur on Dec. 30, New York has yet to find its successor despite Ron Rivera and Mike McCarthy — two of the most experienced coaches available — reportedly signing respective deals with the Redskins and Cowboys. 

Baylor head coach Matt Rhule and Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels are scheduled to interview with the team beginning on Jan. 7. WFAN's Mike Francesa expressed his worry over the Giants potentially hiring Rhule due to his lack of experience at the NFL level, but reiterated the next head coach should be one that's authoritative.

"I think right now the Giants need a really firm hand," Francesa said Monday. "I think they would've been better off with someone with (NFL) head coaching experience. I think they're in that position right now. They've tried these assistants the last couple of years. It has not worked. That's why they need someone who comes in and says, 'I want some authority. I want some authority over this roster, my staff. I want to come in here and lead.' They need leadership from the head coach position and they've not had that since Tom Coughlin. They desperately need that before this football Giant team is going to turn it around."

Francesa wasn't surprised New York decided to part ways with Shurmur after two seasons, where the Giants finished 9-23. He believed the Giants needed to "clean house," which meant firing Dave Gettleman as well. Gettleman was ultimately retained under Giants brass for another season. 

"I don't think Gettleman is the guy for the job," Francesa said. "I think the guys need to get younger. I think they needed to go in that direction now. I thought they needed to clean house. They decided not to. Exactly how much he will allow other people to make decisions, exactly how much latitude he will give the new head coach ... is stuff we don't know.

"... This coach has to be here past Gettleman," Francesa added. "If he's not, this isn't going to work. This coach has to have some say in personnel. If not, it's not going to work because I think Gettleman has been extremely misleading and confusing in his leadership and I think he's been awful."

Francesa also discussed the Giants' tendencies of parting with players without much return. In December, Gettleman released cornerback Janoris Jenkins after the latter used an offensive slur on social media. Jenkins later signed with the Saints, forcing a fumble in the team's loss.

"The Giants, in the second year of their rebuilding plan, did not have a Pro Bowl player and their defense never got better one day," Francesa said. "They let a guy go who wound up starting yesterday in the playoffs and they got nothing for him — at a cornerback position. It shows you how they've allowed talent to walk out the door. They've not got a lot for it and frankly they haven't done a great job on a lot of different ways."

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