Francesa: Kaepernick Sold Out, Really Only Wanted Money

NFL Comes To Agreement With Kaepernick, Reid

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February 15, 2019 - 3:20 pm
Colin Kaepernick




Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid reached a financial settlement with the NFL Friday in their joint collusion complaint against the league. They will take no further action in this case. Both sides reportedly sides a non-disclosure agreement agreeing not to speak publicly about the details of the case or settlement. 

Mike Francesa opened his show Friday on WFAN talking about the settlement, and explaining what Kaepernick was in it for. 

"It's all about the money for Kaepernick. He's still burned that he only got $39.4 million of his $126 million deal," Francesa said. "That's what's burning him. Look what he tried to do. He tried to hold the other league up for $20 million. I have no problem with Kaepernick coming back in the league. Let him come back in the league. He should be allowed to play in the league. I don't think he's going to start anyway, but if he does somewhere, it would tell me that the team is not very good. His performance really waned his last couple of years. 

"Kaepernick wins. NFL loses. NFL always loses with lawsuits. That's the history, they always lose. They might not always pay, but they always lose. Kaepernick beat the NFL. The fact that the NFL settled tells you that Kaepernick and Reid won. They proved their point. To say anything else is outrageous and dumb. The NFL gave in. They settled the suit." 

We will never know how much Kaepernick is getting, but it's clear it was a good amount. This entire debate will now end and we will see whether Kaepernick will come back to the NFL and how much he is going to ask for.

"They gave him his money. What they got is they got his silence," said Francesa. "He won't point any fingers at the NFL publicly. For that, I guarantee Kaepernick got what he wanted, which is money...which is what he has wanted every step of the way. Money. He settled for money. He can't cite the NFL now. He got paid off. If this was about proving a point, they wouldn't have been able to buy his silence. They bought his silence. The NFL loses, but Kaepernick sold out because he can't even cite them, because he took the money. So they both lost. He beat them fair and square...he beat them for a bunch of money. He signed a confidential agreement and buried all the information for the cash. It goes back to him being ticked off that he only made $39.6 million of his $126 million contract, which I believe originally $54 million was supposed to be guaranteed. Kaepernick basically sold out because he can't talk about it anymore."

You can listen to the entire opening segment from Francesa Friday above.