Mike Francesa: Beltran Should Get A Chance To Manage The Mets

Involvement In Astros' Sign-Stealing Has His Future In Doubt

Mike's On
January 15, 2020 - 7:50 pm

After Carlos Beltran was named in Major League Baseball’s report on the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal, there is an increasing thought that the new Mets’ manager might lose his job.

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“Here’s the one thing people are missing,” Mike Francesa noted regarding everyone calling for Beltran to be dismissed. “Whether or not Beltran was the architect of the sign stealing – he was not in a position of authority in Houston, they could have shut it down.”

“No player is going to ever be implicated or punished for using information that is garnered by the team in terms of signs. It’s been going on in baseball for 70 years,” Francesa said during his Wednesday evening show on WFAN.

During his time as a player, Beltran was widely known for his ability to recognize pitch tipping, but now he’s also considered to have played a major role in the Astros’ illegally stealing signs.

“Beltran has not been sanctioned and he shouldn’t be sanctioned because he was a player, and there is no player who is not going to take that information and use it. Was he a mastermind? It sounds like he was, but again, all the manager had to do was tell him to shut it down.”

Adding to the concern about Beltran’s future with the Mets is that he may not have been upfront to the New York media about his possible involvement in illegally stealing signs while he was with the Astros.

“Now maybe you want to put this stigma on Beltran and maybe you’re upset that he lied to the media, really?” Francesa said. “Stand all the guys in line for every coach who’s lied to the media a million times, every owner who’s lied to the media a million times, every player who has lied to the media a million times. He’s not going to get fired because he lied to the media.”

Francesa also notes that Beltran worked with the Yankees last year, after his supposed cheating with the Astros.

“Why didn’t the Yankees talk to him about what happened in 2017, if it was so important. They were making claims in ‘17, why didn’t they sit Beltran down now that he was an employee and ask him what was going on?” the WFAN host said.

“For the Yankees to act sanctimonious here, I don’t care if it’s Teixeira, C.C. Sabathia, do the Yankees want to give back the homeruns that were hit by players that won games in the postseason who were on steroids. Or the games that were pitched by pitchers who were on steroids? Of course not," continued Francesa.

“The Yankees had more steroid guys than anybody, so you can’t act holier than thou when your own house isn’t in order.”

Francesa believes unless baseball receives more information against Beltran, he should be able to remain the Mets’ manager.

“Unless there’s more to this Beltran story, maybe he got a little dirty here, let’s see how he does as manager of the Mets.”

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