Mickey Callaway Says Mets Are Good Enough To Win Division

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March 04, 2019 - 2:54 pm

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The NL East is going to be a heck of a race this season. The Mets, Nationals, Phillies and Braves are all expected to compete for a division title. 

Mets manager Mickey Callaway joined WFAN's Mike Francesa from Port Saint Lucie Monday. Francesa doesn't believe the Mets are as good talent-wise as the other teams in the division. 

"Mike, I have to disagree with you on that. It's not always just about talent," said Callaway. "It's about what this guy can do to complement this guy and this guy. What can this guy do skill-wise so that the guy behind him can drive him in. That's what I look at when I see our team. I wouldn't take a different group of players if somebody paid me to. Our rotation..enough said. Our bullpen...I think it can compete with anybody. The way Nimmo can get on base .400 OBP. Name another guy in our division that can do that. There's not one at the top of the lineup. You have Conforto or someone like that hitting second. You know what he can do when he's going good. You got Cano...Hall of Famer. He's the best second baseman in baseball. He's going to be the best offensive second baseman in the national league. You got Pete Alonso, Ramos...guys that can hit the ball out of the park after these first three guys are getting on base. I like what I see. I like the depth. We're gonna have guys like Frazier and Alonso and J.D. Davis hitting 6th, 7th, 8th in the lineup at times doing some damage. We're going to ride them all the way. I love that group in there and the way they're gonna complement each other. I think it's going to be something special." 

Dom Smith is having a great spring so far and is making a case for himself to be on the Opening Day roster. With Pete Alonso there as well, it's been quite the competition between the two. 

"He's having a wonderful spring. He's such a good kid. He worked his butt off this winter," Callaway said. "He and Alonso are going blow-to-blow in the middle of the ring right now. It's fun to watch. You love nothing more than two guys battling it out in spring training for a position."

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Speaking of Alonso, the right-handed first baseman homered for a second time on Monday. The more Alonso we see, the more it looks like he could be in Queens to open the season.  

"He's a worker. It's a special talent at the plate. He's one of those guys...you sit in the dugout, when he comes to the plate, you feel like something good is going to happen." 

Jacob deGrom and his contract has been a top of disccusion this offseason. Some worry that the outside noise could become a distraction, and the manager worries too.

"I do worry about it. We'll talk to him. If we see something, we'll talk to him," Callaway said. "Nothing really bothers this guy. That's what makes these guys successful. He just worries about the next pitch. It's my job and Dave's job to make sure these outside factors don't distract him." 

You can hear the entire interview with the Mets manager on Mike's On above. 

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