Michael Thomas: There Wasn't A Culture Problem With Giants

LISTEN: Giants Safety Joins 'CMB'

Moose & Maggie
May 31, 2019 - 3:02 pm

The Giants haven't stayed away from the headlines this offseason. They surprised many people trading away Odell Beckham Jr. to the Browns in March. After the superstar wide receiver was traded, Giants general manager Dave Gettleman said there would no longer be a culture problem with the team. 

Players have come out and said there wasn't a culture issue with OBJ on the team. Giants safety Michael Thomas told WFAN's "Carlin, Maggie and Bart" on Friday that there was no culture issue.

"I wouldn't say there was a culture problem," Thomas told "CMB." "I think there's clearly something that the Giants wanted to see and they are shaping it how they want it. It's a new organization. It happens across the league. Every organization goes through it, especially when there's change, new head coach, new GM. They want things to look a certain way. The organization operates a certain way, guys to perform a certain way, guys to carry and present themselves a certain way. That's no different than any organization around the league. It's very clear that's what they wanted. I think they got the type of guys that they want in that locker room. So now it's up to us now that the culture is right, how they want it to look, to go out there and produce. That's it and win games." 

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Thomas had only good things to say about Beckham Jr. 

"I can say this about Odell man...one of the best teammates you can ask for, especially for somebody of his caliber, stardom, rockstar, whatever category you want to put him in....one of the best dudes you can be around," Thomas said. "Worked hard every single day on the football field, carried himself well in the locker room, approachable. Think about the millions of requests he probably gets every single day...autographs, time, whatever. You can say 'man my little cousin really wants you to sign this,' he'll crack a joke and sign it, hop on the Facetime with the family member for you. He was one of the best teammates you can ask for." 

What is different now in the locker room that has made for a culture change exactly? 

"This year compared to last year, it's a bunch of young guys out there playing, they now have experience," said Thomas. "They are carrying themselves like a pro. They're not wide-eyed rookies no more. The guys we brought in this year, they're coming in and they're competing. They're playing at a level that is not really like rookies. Rookies go through growing pains. They probably didn't know NFL-style football. Now they're coming in here trying to actually learn professional football. Like these guys that we brought in, they're probably a little bit ahead of the curve. I like the way they're out there carrying themselves and the way they compete. That's the biggest difference is we got a great group of guys and even though we're young, great group of guys that carry themselves like professionals."

The feel is that the Giants are attempting to win while they rebuild. Thomas doesn't see it exactly that way. 

"I don't care what everyone else is talking about. I'm going out here, I'm trying to win games right now. I think very realistically all of us can go out there and compete with anybody. Record don't show, it's all about wins and losses. Don't get it twisted. I ain't making no excuses. I can tell you just from playing last year, we definitely got better. We definitely improved. Now we're looking to go out here and win them games. Forget the losing by three, losing by four, gave up a last minute touchdown, game losing field goal. We're trying to go out here and win them games and turn that 5-11 to 11-5 this year." 

You can hear the entire interview with the Giants safety in the audio player above.