Metta World Peace On WFAN: I Was Supposed To Play In NYC

Joe & Evan
June 27, 2018 - 3:25 pm

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Former NBA star and current G League coach Metta World Peace joined Joe and Evan this morning to discuss his new business venture, where he thought he might've been drafted in 1999, and where Lebron is going next year.

First, World Peace describes his new fitness product, a collaboration with Finesse Fitness. 

"Towards the end of my career I would work out with a lot of bands," he said. "I even tried to develop a couple products myself during my career but that's really hard, because you're doing it all on your own. And now I got a chance to work with Finesse. I can go into my hotel room, work out.... I can be on a hike, getting my leg workouts in, it clips on to anything. It's great."

The product is a series of bundles that allow for a portable full body workout. As World Peace explains, the bundles can be used in almost any situation to get that extra workout in, like on a hike or in a hotel room.

World Peace shares why he pursued this venture.

"It's something that I can still be a part of while I'm playing basketball," he said. "I still love to play and coach and I can't be doing things that's taking me away from that. So this product keeps me right in line with that." 

Joe and Evan recalled feeling disappointed when the Knicks drafted underwhelming center Frédéric Weis instead of Metta World Peace with the 15th pick in the 1999 NBA Draft. World Peace reflects on that night almost 20 years ago.

"That was a good night," he said. "As a kid, you want to go the NBA, and you actualy make it? Like, wow. There's only 400 spots."

As a born and raised New Yorker, Joe and Evan wonder if World Peace wanted to play for the Knicks when he was entering the draft.

"I always wanted to be drafted by the Knicks... I would've loved to be in the Garden, in my prime," he said. "Good lord. That'd have been a sight, man... I was supposed to play in New York City, and I was supposed to win in New York City."

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Arguably the most legendary part of World Peace's career was his time with the Lakers. He comments on playing with stars like Kobe Bryant. 

"Kobe is just a beast," he said. "He works really hard and he has a lot of fundamentals. I always tell people, you can be athletic, but if Kobe didn't have those fundamentals, he would not be a good player."

One of the pivotal moments in World Peace's career was his outstanding performance in Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals against the Celtics. Bryant wasn't playing his best game, and World Peace stepped up and helped secure the Championship for Los Angeles. Joe and Evan ask if Kobe ever thanked him for that.

"No!" World Peace jokes. On a more serious note, he adds, "I have everything to thank him for. But maybe for that one game."

And, of course, World Peace answers the question on everyone's mind: where will Lebron go?

"I think it's hard to say," he said. "A lot of people are saying not LA, or go to LA. I want to see another big, huge super team."

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