Maggie And Bart: Are They The Big Bad Yankees Once Again?

Front Office Outspends Everyone With Cole's Record Contract

Moose & Maggie
December 11, 2019 - 6:51 pm

The Yankees made the big pitching splash their fans have been wanting for years. After signing Gerrit Cole to a record 9-year $324 million deal, are they back to being a team that attempts to buy championships?

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In recent years, the Yankees have had been a likeable group, mostly homegrown with their “Baby Bombers” and bringing in outside talent thanks to shrewd trades. But they haven't displayed an open checkbook as they did earlier in the 2000's.

For better or for worse, that perception may have changed this week after Brian Cashman and the Yankees signed former Houston Astros ace Gerrit Cole.

“Say hello to the bad guy,” said Bart Scott during the Wednesday edition of Maggie and Bart on WFAN.

“This team is likable,” Maggie Gray countered.

“Not anymore, they were likable when they were trying to win without getting Machado, Harper and the big splashes. Now you hate them,” said Scott. 

“They couldn’t manage their way to a championship, so now what are they going to do? Go out and get the best pitcher in the world, give him $300 million and change the market.”

The Yankees, have a wealth of homegrown talent, but few teams have the ability to spend money when necessary the way the Pinstripes front office can.

“Now you’re hate-able,” Bart added. “You already have Giancarlo, now you have Cole, and people might say Giancarlo hasn’t played well, but you’re still sitting there with two $300 million guys.”

Giancarlo Stanton

“I think that narrative has to be dead,” Maggie said regarding the Yankees buying championships as she highlighted their ability to find production from unlikely sources such as Luke Voit and Gio Urshela.

“It was good to see the Baby Bombers exceeding expectations and ahead of schedule, knocking on the doorstep,” Bart said of the Yankees showing an ability to develop young talent in recent years, but after three straight playoff appearances, the pressure is mounting for them to win a championship.

Cashman and the Yankees opened the checkbook for their new ace, but they’ve showed free-agency restraint in recent years. “They showed with Cole, they’re willing to spend money for the guy they want, they didn’t show they’re willing to spend all types of money,” Maggie said.

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