KFC Barstool On WFAN: Just Get The Deal Done, Steve Cohen

LISTEN: Wilpons Sale Of Mets Is In Jeopardy

Boomer and Gio
February 05, 2020 - 11:14 am

Kevin Clancy, better known as Barstool's KFC, and his "We Gotta Believe" co-host, Clem, received a message claiming Steve Cohen's deal to purchase 80 percent of the Mets was in jeopardy.

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They started to "poke around" in order to check the validity of the rumors and latest rumblings. On Tuesday, Clancy broke the news to Mets fans and confirmed the message — citing "people from close enough" to the situation — which Cohen broke off negotiations with Fred and Jeff Wilpon. 

The New York Post later confirmed Barstool's report, saying Cohen is "unhappy" with the Wilpons due to a last-minute change of terms. Clancy joined the "Morning Show with Boomer & Gio" and pleaded for Cohen, a hedge fund manager, to "just get a deal done."

"I had a plan to pen an open letter to Steve Cohen to put up on the blog because I'm sure its infuriating for him," Clancy told WFAN's Boomer Esiason and Gregg Giannotti. "What I'm imagining going on is that the Wilpons are the ones throwing a wrench into this. I feel like it's gotta be infuriating for a guy like him, who is like a billionaire a million times over, to have to deal with these two buffoons. When you're that rich and this is your dream, just throw another $100 million at them.

"You know what I mean? Just get this done, Steve," Clancy added. "You're going to be an immortal sports god in New York if you please this fan base. Whatever negotiating or money we're talking about here, it will far supersede any of that. Like just go get it done and we will love you forever."

Cohen planned to commemorate the sale with an Opening Day gala, according to The New York Post's Mike Puma, but likely wouldn't have immediate control over the Mets. In the initial agreement, Fred Wilpon would've remained CEO and the control person — while Jeff serves as COO — for the next five years. 

"(Cohen) wanted to get this going ASAP," Clancy said. "It wasn't like, 'hey I need five years to get my affairs in order.' It was of course the Wilpons wanting to hang on. I really never knew what the response was going to be. Our Mets podcast isn't as big as some of our other properties and I wasn't sure it was going to make waves but as soon as I saw that the Mets released their statement to the press that was like 'we can't talk about it', how idiotic was that? If they wanted to keep this quiet, to say no comment is not the way to do it. Everybody knows what that means."

WFAN baseball insider Jon Heyman isn't ready to declare the deal to be dead just yet. Neither is Giannotti, who is still holding out hope. Clancy, however, hastily said that he doesn't believe he can "go back" if the Wilpons remain in control, but believes the fans are at fault as well. 

"As much as I hate the Wilpons and blame them, it's a little bit all of our faults too because we let ourselves go off into La La Land," Clancy said. "We heard some news and we forgot about 50 straight years of misery and a decade-long precedent of stupidity and just horrible things happening, so we all need to come back down to earth, remember who we are, know that we're Mets fans and understand that if bad things can happen, they will."

Click the audio player above to listen to Kevin Clancy's interview with Boomer and Gio in its entirety. 

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