Kenyon Martin On LeBron: 'Going There For Everything Else, Not Winning'

K-Mart Joined CMB

Carlin, Maggie & Bart
July 02, 2018 - 5:15 pm



Kenyon Martin joined WFAN's Carlin, Maggie, and Bart a few weeks ago, telling them he believes LeBron James should go to the Knicks. By no surprise at all, that didn't happen. LeBron signed a four-year, $153 million contract with the Lakers Sunday night. The former Knicks and Nets big man joined CMB once again Monday to react to the news that he's going to Hollywood. 

Was the move to the Lakers done with winning championships in mind or everything else about Los Angeles? 

"I think it's for everything else. If you want to win and I think he wants to win and wants to prove he can win there, but it's a tall task," Martin said on WFAN's CMB. "You look at the situation. Just look at the playoff teams from the West last year. I'm pretty sure they are going to get better. Some of the bad teams are close to getting better as well. You're looking at a Golden State team that got better, a Houston team that is going to be another contender, Portland, Utah, Denver...there's a lot to compete with." 

With LeBron in the fold, where does that put the Lakers in the West? 

"You have to put them as a playoff team just because of LeBron, but that's why you play the games," said Martin. "You can win 50 games in the West and not make the playoffs. That's the reality of it. It's tough. It's a tall task. He's proven he's a winner. He's going to have to prove it even more now." 

LeBron decided to come to the Lakers without another big name committed to the team. Is that surprising? 

"It's about basketball, but it's not about basketball. His mind was made up before anybody made their decision," said Martin. "That's proven with his early decision and Paul George going back to OKC. His mind was already made up. It was a foregone conclusion that's where he was going and other guys join, he would welcome that."

You can listen to the entire interview above.