Kendrick Perkins Joins 'Joe & Evan' To Explain Issue With Durant

The Former Thunder Teammates Had Social Media Argument

Joe & Evan
January 15, 2020 - 6:12 pm

Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant has yet to play a minute for his new team and likely won’t this season, but that hasn’t stopped him from engaging with others on social media.

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Last week, Durant went back and forth on Twitter, defending the Nets from CBS Sports Radio host Brandon Tierney, he also engaged with former teammate and current contributor Kendrick Perkins.

Perkins said Russell Westbrook is the best player to ever wear an Oklahama City Thunder jersey, dubbing him “Mr. Thunder,” which led to a response from Durant.  

Perkins joined WFAN’s “Joe and Evan” Wednesday afternoon, to discuss the Brooklyn Nets' superstar.

“You need to ask Kevin Durant what is his personal problem with Russell Westbrook, because all I was doing is praising Russell Westbrook on Russell Westbrook night,” Perkins said.

Evan argued the former NBA center was “poking the bear” and looking for a reaction out of Durant through his compliments of Westbrook.

“I did my research, I called Oklahoma City, I got the list of stats for Russell Westbrook. He leads the Oklahoma City Thunder in [nearly> every statistical category, points, rebounds, assists, steals, 138 triple doubles.” Perkins said. “Is Russell Westbrook overall a better player than Kevin Durant? Absolutely not,” Perkins added.

Perkins tried to compare to A-Rod being a better player than Derek Jeter to his thoughts on Westbrook and Durant, calling Rodriguez the greatest Yankee of all-time, which Benigno and Roberts both quickly squashed.

“You know how many guys would be ahead of A-Rod as far as all-time Yankees? There’s gotta be 10 of them!” Benigno said emphatically.

Perkins further explained he believes Westbrook was a better player for the Thunder, just like Jeter had a more lasting impact with the Yankees even though A-Rod was the greater talent.

“A-Rod began his career elsewhere and came to the Yankees, Kevin was in Seattle for crying out loud! And again, he was [in Oklahoma City> for nine years,” Roberts argued.

Roberts later asked Perkins, when did he have a falling out with Durant? The two were teammates in Oklahoma City and previously had a good relationship.

Perkins acknowledged they used to be close, but being in the media led to their downfall. Specifically, when ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said Durant told Oklahoma City he was not leaving the team during free-agency. Perkins backed the report rather than attempting to support his former teammate.

“My best advice to you is to stop commenting on everything that everybody says about you. In the media, you’re going to get talked about,” Perkins said regarding Durant.

“The interaction with fans is kinda cool,” Roberts noted. “It’s always negative, so he’s always arguing, but there is something kind of cool about a big time athlete talking to other fans, even if it is defending himself all the time.”

“The bottom line is that KD is too sensitive, this is the issue, right?” Benigno asked.

“Yea, that’s the issue.” Perkins answered.

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