Joe Girardi On WFAN: Mets Can Fix Edwin Diaz

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July 30, 2019 - 5:57 pm

Edwin Diaz was supposed to be a dominant closer for the Mets this season.

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Diaz was acquired from Seattle in December after an incredible 57-save campaign in 2018. The Mets gave up a bunch of talented players and prospects in that trade (which also included Robinson Cano) but Diaz has struggled heavily in 2019.

Despite some ugly numbers this season, not everyone is giving up on Diaz. MLB Network analyst Joe Girardi joined Mike Francesa on Tuesday, and the former Yankee manager was confident that Diaz can be fixed, and that his Mets' career can be saved.

“I think he’s definitely fixable,” Girardi said on WFAN. “It’s just kind of location for him, I don’t see a drop-off in his stuff. His slider has not been as good, and that’s something you can work on. It’s not like he’s 32, 33-years-old. He’s a kid. And his arm is alive. So yes, I believe that he will get on a roll again.”

The trade deadline is on Wednesday afternoon, and Diaz could still be moved by the Mets. Reports on Monday linked Boston with a move for the Puerto Rican closer, but the latest from Alex Speier of the Boston Globe is that the Red Sox are “unlikely” to trade for Diaz.

As Girardi says, Diaz is only 25-years-old, so it’s not like he’s an old player who can’t be a part of their plan for the future. He’s still only one year removed from that tremendous season, when he had a 1.96 ERA and represented the Mariners in the All-Star Game.


Edwin Diaz

In the past, Diaz’ slider has been one of his most dangerous pitches, but it has let him down repeatedly this season. Girardi had one explanation for why that might be happening.

“He’s just not finishing his pitch. There’s probably some indecision. I’ve heard him talk a little about how the ball seems slicker this year, and it’s learning how to deal with that. A lot of times you’re just not finishing your pitch.”

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