Joe Girardi On Edwin Diaz: 'It's All Mental'

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August 13, 2019 - 4:42 pm

While the Mets have been scorching hot and their bullpen has improved since the All-Star break, they still have one major problem. Edwin Diaz. 

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The Mets closer has been an absolute nightmare this season. Diaz has a 7.62 ERA over 13 innings since the start of July. His ERA is 5.60 for the season. 

What do the Mets do with him at this point since they won't be demoting him? 

"I think you have to possibly back off when you use him," former Yankees manager and MLB Network analyst Joe Girardi told Mike Francesa on WFAN Tuesday. "I think Lugo has been outstanding. You can't use him back-to-back days. You just try to put Diaz in non-pressure situations where you can get him back on track." 

How can the Mets fix Diaz's problems? 

"There are sliders that he throws that are unhittable. To me, it's all mental," said Girardi. "He's not repeating his mechanics, that's the problem. For whatever reason, they have to figure out ... and I think Phil Regan has done a really good job since he's been there ... they got to figure out is it a physical problem or is it a mental problem causing this physical problem of him not repeating his mechanics. 

"It's usually his arm. He's not finishing his pitch. Is there fatigue from last year? That's something you can always say is a possibility. I don't think so. He didn't throw that many innings. I think it's more mental than anything else." 

Should Diaz just stick with fastballs and avoid his slider?

"Eventually they are going to hit those too because he's going to make mistakes with those too. For him, it's learning how to control your body and repeat your delivery and maybe slowing down a little bit. I don't know. We know that the kid is really talented because we have seen him do it before. For whatever reason, the first month was great, but it's really snowballed on him.

You can listen to the entire interview on the Mets bullpen and the rest of baseball in the audio player above.