'Joe & Evan': Could The Mets Trade For Nolan Arenado?

Rockies Superstar Isn't Happy With Team

Joe & Evan
January 21, 2020 - 5:58 pm

Nolan Arenado is not too happy in Colorado. 

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There have been a handful of trade rumors circulating throughout the offseason involving the Rockies' star third baseman. General manager Jeff Bridich, however, put trade talks to rest, telling the Denver Post, "We have listened to teams regarding Nolan and really nothing has come of it" and the Rockies were moving forward. 

Arenado still felt slighted and expressed his overall frustration with the front office, “There’s a lot of disrespect from people there that I don’t want to be a part of,” he told MLB.com's Thomas Harding. The dramatic situation comes nearly a year after Arenado signed a massive eight-year, $260 million contract, which carries a full no-trade clause. On Tuesday, WFAN's Evan Roberts wouldn't rule out the Mets exploring a trade for the five-time All Star.

"I don't rule it out the way I used to because of (Steve) Cohen and because of (Mets general manager) Brodie (Van Wagenen) needing to save his a—," Roberts said. "Now, that's not a good thing. It's not a good thing for me to say, 'Brodie's got to save his a—, he may trade for Arenado.' He'd trade his entire farm system at this point. That's not necessarily a good thing but I believe in the past the reason why of a guy like Arenado became available, we'd say no way because the Wilpons are not paying the money owed to Arenado and if the guy opts out after 2021, they're never keeping him. Those things are kind of out the window.

"Because of that, do I think the Mets will try and trade for Nolan Arenado? Yeah, I think they would," Roberts added. 

Arenado is set to become an unrestricted free agent in 2027, when he'll be 36 years old. Arenado's contract includes a player option for the 2022 season. He slashed .315 and tallied 118 RBI and 41 home runs last season. He'd warrant a substantial return in any deal. 

Roberts asked his co-host, Joe Benigno, whether he was willing to part with prospects and, mainly, Jeff McNeil in exchange for Arenado. Benigno was firmly against the trade proposal. 

"I don't want to trade Jeff McNeil," Benigno said. "Why do I want to trade Jeff McNiel? The guy is a .320 hitter!

"I think that's a major mistake, a major mistake," Benigno continued. "... This will be so Met-like. You bring the guy to New York, he can't handle New York, they make this trade, McNeil becomes Tony Gwynn wherever he goes of course and there's an issue. I can see that, whether he can't handle New York or he comes to New York and he's not the same guy because now he's not playing in Colorado."

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Benigno suggested other players including outfielder Michael Conforto or pitchers Steven Matz and Marcus Stroman.

"The point is ... sometimes you've got to do things you don't love to get great players," Roberts said. "Would I trade Pete Alonso? No. Jeff McNeil? I've got to think about. ... If you're a team out there negotiating with the Mets, of course you're going to ask for Jeff McNeil. The guy can play anywhere in the field. He's proved to be, last year, a tremendous hitter. You have an opportunity to get Nolan Arenado, you've got to think about it."

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