'Joe & Evan:' Joe Douglas' Signings Are Under The Radar

Benigno Is A Fan Of The Jets General Manger's Moves

Joe & Evan
March 23, 2020 - 6:13 pm

Jets general manager Joe Douglas is flying comfortably under the radar. 

Douglas didn't acquire Jack Conklin, one of the most notable offensive tackles on the market. He didn't heavily pursue a trade for star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins either. Instead, Douglas opted for the likes of cornerback Pierre Desir, offensive linemen Greg Van Roten, George Fant and Connor McGovern to fill out his depth chart. 

WFAN's Joe Benigno has been a fan of Douglas' offseason thus far. 

"There's been no splashy moves," Benigno said. "There's been no sexy moves but I actually like what Douglas has done. He's re-signed a couple of key guys — (Brian) Poole, (Neville) Hewitt, (Alex) Lewis, hopefully he gets it done with Robby (Anderson). He's brought in some guys for the offensive line specifically the center, to me, is the big one. I like this guy they signed we're talking about Desir. It's under the radar but I like what he's done in that regard to be honest with you."

Evan Roberts, Benigno's co-host, still waits for Douglas to make that notable move in his second offseason with the Jets. Benigno believes the "sexy move" is whichever offensive lineman New York selects in the upcoming draft — the Jets are currently projected to pick 11th. 

"That's certainly on the table," Roberts said. "I think it's likelier than not you get what you want than I get what I want in the first round where they'll probably draft an offensive lineman. But as of right now, they've gone out and added guys who have average resumes for other teams. So this could look genius in a year..."

In 2019, Desir led Indianapolis with 11 defended passes. McGovern and Van Roten were heavily praised last season with Denver and Carolina respectively. The moves could pay off significant dividends for Jets in their pursuit of the AFC East crown. 

"We could look back and say, 'boy, how good was Joe Douglas? He found these great values ...'" Roberts said. "We could look back at this and say how brilliant was Joe Douglas but we also may look back at this and say all he really did was rearrange the chairs on the Titanic because none of these guys are Trent Williams, none of these guys are (Jack) Conklin. They're different than what we're used to. I know difference feels good because the Jets' offensive line was hot garbage last year. But the truth is we don't know what this offensive line is going to look like this year."

Benigno didn't dwell on the depth moves. With Jordan Jenkins re-signed, his wish is for Douglas to turn his attention toward Robby Anderson next. 

"I'm not upset they didn't go out and sign (Jack) Conklin," Benigno said. "I don't know if I want to go out and trade for Trent Williams. I don't know how I feel about any of that. Right now, my biggest concern with them is get Robby Anderson signed. That's the thing I'm most concerned about."