MUST LISTEN: Joe Benigno Rips NFL 100 List For Including Brett Favre

'Most Overrated Great Quarterback Ever To Play The Game'

Joe & Evan
December 31, 2019 - 11:26 am

The 10 quarterbacks on the NFL 100 All-Time Team were announced last week. One selection in particular had WFAN's Joe Benigno up in arms -- Brett Favre. 

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The WFAN host called Favre "the most overrated great quarterback ever to play the game." Benigno felt at least three QBs deserved to make the list ahead of the former Packers, Jets and Vikings signal-caller. 

"Forget just Bart Starr, (who) clearly, to me, was better than (Favre)," Benigno said Monday. "The guy was 10-1 in the playoffs. The guy won five NFL titles and two Super Bowls and was the first two Super Bowl MVPs. The guy should've been there.

"But you're going to tell me that Brett Favre's better than Aaron Rodgers? You're going to tell me he's better than Drew Brees? Give me a break!"

Benigno noted that Favre "threw some of the worst picks in big games than any guy's ever done, and he gets praised for it."

"Here's what got me so ticked," Benigno said. "This guy is so loved. He gets his rear end kissed by the media. It's a joke. How 'bout Cris Collinsworth -- this made me nuts -- Cris Collinsworth is praising him: 'Oh, the game where you threw six interceptions in a playoff game against the Rams' and they show every freakin' pick he throws. And Collinsworth is going: 'But you know what? You showed you wanted to win, you kept coming back!'

"Give me a break! Are you kidding me? You're praising this guy 'cause he threw six picks in a playoff game? That game gave you more respect than anything else? What?

"This is a guy that lost the NFC championship game to the Giants, when he threw a killer pick in overtime. He lost the NFC title game to the Saints when he threw a killer pick in that game."

Benigno, however, said he doesn't dispute that Favre is a Hall of Fame talent.

"You want to give me the top-15 quarterbacks, maybe the top 20, Favre is there, OK," he said. "No doubt about it." 

Evan Roberts said he agrees with his WFAN co-host, calling Favre just the third best quarterback in Packers history and adding that it always felt as though Favre's interceptions were somehow considered "a badge of honor."

The other nine quarterbacks who made the list were Sammy Baugh, Tom Brady, John Elway, Otto Graham, Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Joe Montana, Roger Staubach and Johnny Unitas.