Joe Benigno: Jets Should Fire Adam Gase Today

He Also Questions Whether Darnold Is The Future

Joe & Evan
October 22, 2019 - 12:21 pm

The Jets should fire coach Adam Gase after Monday night's embarrassing 33-0 loss to the Patriots, WFAN's Joe Benigno said Tuesday morning.

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"Why are we wasting our time with this brutal head coach?" Benigno said at the start of his show with Evan Roberts.

"This guy's worse than (Todd) Bowles! You think this guy's coaching the team two years from now, three years from now? He should be fired today! I'd make (defensive coordinator) Gregg Williams the coach right now, let him finish the year out and then we'll see what kind of GM Joe Douglas is, if he can actually hire a guy because they need somebody right now, bro, to save this franchise."

Benigno said the Jets' biggest problem is their owners.

"We know the ownership is just completely inept that they allowed this guy ... to sell them a bill of a goods that he was the quote-unquote quarterback whisperer," he said. "Boy, he did a lot of whispering to Sam Darnold last night!"

Darnold completed 11 of 32 passes for 86 yards and tossed four interceptions. His final quarterback rating: 3.6

"Do we have a quarterback?" Benigno said. "I keep asking that question all the time. Well, God knows it didn't look like we had one last night, did it?

Adam Gase
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"To me, that's the biggest concern of this game, bro, is that the quarterback looked like a deer in the headlights, like he never saw a blitz before, like he was completely ill-prepared."

Darnold was miked up for the game and was caught on camera saying he was "seeing ghosts." The moment immediately went viral.

"He looked afraid," Roberts said. "And I tell you who should be fired this morning. Not quite Adam Gase yet. But you know who should be fired this morning? Whoever works for the New York Jets -- and maybe it is Adam Gase -- and agreed to have Sam Darnold, who's essentially still a rookie -- OK, he's a baby -- to let this guy get miked up on a Monday night. 

"And it just adds to the constant embarrassment we face as fans. Why can't we just suck in our privacy like the Cincinnati Bengals do? Like the Miami Dolphins do? ... Why does the Jets stinking, the Jets awfulness always have to appear on a grand stage, whether it was the overhyped, over-talked-about butt fumble, which I'm sick of hearing about, or now something you and I and every Jet fan's going to have to live with for a long time and that's the 'I see ghosts' game?"