LISTEN: Joe Benigno, Frank Isola Get Into Heated Exchange Over Knicks

Joe & Evan
July 01, 2019 - 3:38 pm

WFAN's Joe Benigno and The Athletic's Frank Isola couldn't see eye to eye about the Knicks on Monday, leading to a testy on-air exchange.

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Benigno said he was happy that the Knicks missed out on Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in free agency because now the franchise could focus on developing young players rather than waiting on big free agents to save the day.

But Isola argued that the Knicks clearly failed in their goal of landing Durant and Irving, who both are reportedly headed to the Brooklyn Nets, and likely won't be much better next season than they were last year. He added that he doesn't believe the Knicks would not have given Durant a max contract if the 10-time All-Star said he wanted to play for them.

"They wanted Kevin Durant," Isola said. "Everything that they did leading up to yesterday or at 6 o'clock last night was all about Kevin Durant. Trading your best player, Kristaps Porzingis, was about Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Those were the players that they wanted."

Benigno, raising his voice, then told Isola: "We've got to stop ripping the Knicks for what they did that didn't happen, right? Don't we got to stop killing them for that? Do me a favor. I love you, Frank. Take your hatred for the Knicks out of it for a second."

"Joe, I'm going to hang up if you say that," Isola responded. "Hatred has nothing to do with it."


Moments later, Isola told Benigno: "You're like a 15-year-old Knick fan. You're being such a child. Let me finish."

Benigno then said Isola would've slammed the Knicks no matter what happened in free agency.

"If the Knicks would've signed Durant, you'd be killing them (saying) how stupid they are for signing this guy to a max deal!" Benigno said. "No, you would've because he's not playing next year and he may break down in two years! You would've done that, Frank! You would've!

"At least they're not trading their draft choices away and they're ... trying to do something with young players for a change," Benigno continued. "That's the difference, Frank!"

To which Isola responded: "Don't make it sound like this was part of the plan. They had no other choice."

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