Joe And Evan React To Yoenis Cespedes' Wild Boar Incident

LISTEN: 'When I Was Leaving Friday, My Phone Blew Up With Text Messages''

Joe & Evan
January 06, 2020 - 5:52 pm

Shortly after WFAN's Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts went off the air Friday evening, Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes took center stage. 

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A report from The New York Post revealed Cespedes' 2019 fractured ankle was caused due to an incident with a wild boar on his Port St. Lucie Ranch in 2018. Benigno and Roberts, both Mets fans, took all weekend to digest the latest mishap involving the Mets outfielder. 

"When I was leaving Friday, my phone blew up with text messages," Roberts said on Monday. "All I could see was a picture of a wild boar on my phone."

Cespedes sustained the injury, which ended his 2019 campaign before it even began, during a confrontation with the animal. The 34-year-old reportedly attempted to remove the boar from one of the various traps on his ranch, but it either "charged" toward or "startled" Cespedes resulting in the bizarre incident, according to The New York Post

Benigno wasn't stunned when he found out what caused the injury saying, "It's Cespedes!"

In December, the Mets reduced Cespedes' contract as a result of an investigation into what caused the injury. The Mets saved over $10 million as Cespedes was set to earn $29.5 million as he enters the final year of his contract. In hindsight, Roberts, like most Mets fans, says its easy to laugh at the situation. 

"I'll tell you what made me feel better. It's over," Roberts said. "It happened. If this was June of last year, we find out Cespedes had a violent fall, which we did, and right away we find out a wild boar charged at him it would have been very different. It would have been more annoyed about the whole thing. Now, you think the guy is going to hit 35 home runs. The Mets just saved a fortune on this whole thing. I think it's easier to laugh at it as opposed to think, 'here we go, it's the Mets again!'

Benigno believes the Mets need to capitalize, as the wild boar remains a hot topic. 

"Sometime in late July, they're going to have the Yoenis Cespedes/wild boar bobblehead. Right?" Benigno asked. "They're standing on line now! You'll never get near it!"

 Roberts was immediately on board. 

"They'll never do it, but they should," Roberts added. "Cespedes fights a boar bobblehead! He's on one end of the bobblehead. That's a great idea. Cespedes fights the boar bobblehead."

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