Joe And Evan React To Mark Gastineau's Sack Record Claim

Brett Favre Is Somehow Blamed For Entire Incident

Joe & Evan
February 12, 2020 - 7:32 pm

Former New York Jets defensive star Mark Gastineau staked his claim to the NFL's single-season sack record. 

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Gastineau recorded 22 sacks in 1984, and he believes it should still be an NFL record despite what the record books state. In 2001, former Giants pass-rusher Michael Strahan narrowly passed Gastineau's mark when he tallied one sack against the Green Bay Packers in the final week of the 2001 regular season. 

Strahan ended the season with 22.5 total sacks, the most any player in a season. Gastineau told ESPN's Rich Cimini feels he is still the rightful holder of the record saying, "I want it to be known that it's my record."

Gastineau doesn't fault Strahan for breaking his record. On Wednesday, WFAN's Joe Benigno put the blame on one man: Packers quarterback Brett Favre. Benigno believes Favre "cheapened" Strahan's achievement when he took the sack. 

"Here's the problem I have with the whole thing ... Strahan gets blamed for this when he didn't do anything wrong," Benigno said. "What is Strahan supposed to do if our good buddy, the great Brett Favre, Mr. Football, decides he wants to sit down and give him the record?"

"The greatest football player," Benigno said regarding Favre. "He was so great. Oh my god! But it's ok because it's Brett being Brett. It's Brett! Don't worry about it. That's the guy that should be getting killed here. Brett Favre! Oh he just threw another pick in an NFC title game. But it's Brett! He just threw another pass behind his back. Oh, it's so cute. It's Brett doing it. Give me a break! Can I throw up now?"

Many football fans debate whether the legendary Packers quarterback took a dive in order for Strahan to break the 17-year-old record. Favre fell to the ground as Strahan closed in for the sack. Benigno's co-host, Evan Roberts, agrees that Strahan did nothing wrong but also understands why Gastineau is "annoyed about it."

"I'm not a guy that gets crazy about records in football except wins and losses," Benigno said. "These are the things that matter to me. Does a sack record really matter? No. And the record probably isn't even that because Deacon Jones probably has it."

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