Joe And Evan React To A-Rod’s Interest In Owning The Mets

Former Yankee Reportedly Emerges As A Suitor To Buy The Team

Joe & Evan
February 14, 2020 - 5:26 pm

Joe Benigno, Evan Roberts and all Mets’ fans were handed an interesting bit of news Friday afternoon with reports surfacing about Alex Rodriguez being interested in buying the team.

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“Call me Santa Claus,” Roberts said to Benigno, who was ready to talk about something other than the Astros sign-stealing scandal.

“You want me to bring something up that knowing you, you would be ecstatic about?” Roberts said bracing Benigno for the New York Post’s report that A-Rod has emerged as a suitor to buy the New York Mets.

The news broke a few minutes before their afternoon show on WFAN started, but Benigno didn’t yet know about the A-Rod report because he doesn’t get many alerts on his phone. The 66-year old radio host wasn’t even aware the Steve Cohen deal fell through until he returned from his Florida vacation nearly a week after the Mets’ sale was deemed dead.

“A new suitor has emerged to potentially buy the New York Mets, and the man’s name is Alex Rodriguez,” Roberts said.

What?” a stunned Benigno responded.

“I’m in, I am in for A-Rod! Bring him on!” Benigno continued emphatically. “He should have played for the team, now at least he can own the team, I’m in, I’m good with that.”

“The Mets hired a manager, they had to fire a manager, they had to hire another manager. They were selling the team to a billionaire, then the deal fell apart,” Roberts said while summing up a crazy few months for the Mets. “This offseason needed to be capped off by A-Rod rumors of him buying it, it only makes sense that that’s where the offseason was going to go.”

Alex Rodriguez
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“A-Rod will make sure they spend.” Benigno said. “If A-Rod bought the team he’s gonna try to win Championships…I would think that he would go above and beyond.”

Roberts noted that A-Rod didn’t win a lot of championships as a player and it wouldn’t be his money he’s spending, he would just be the face of a group that purchased the Mets.

One thing Roberts highlighted as a positive if A-Rod became the team’s owner is that he grew up a fan of the Mets, calling it a “shame” that he never played for the organization.

Benigno and Roberts agreed that whether it’s A-Rod or anyone else, the important thing is finding an owner that is willing to spend money and treat the Mets like a big-market team.

Benigno called winning championships the end all be all. “That’s what I want my owner to be, not in it just to make money and all of that nonsense, not in it for the entertainment,” Benigno said, reiterating he wants an owner that “wants to win championships.”