Joe And Evan React To News That Adam Gase Won't Be Fired After Season

Joe & Evan
November 13, 2019 - 2:17 pm

WFAN's Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts hated the Adam Gase hiring from the start, and after a 2-7 start, they've seen nothing to change their minds about the Jets head coach.

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Benigno, especially, has repeatedly called for Gase to be fired in-season.

Not only is that not going to happen, Gase will return for the 2020 season, Jets CEO Christopher Johnson told reporters Wednesday.

Despite Johnson's reasons -- Gase has the players' trust, the coach and general manager have a strong working relationship and Gase's presence is vital for quarterback Sam Darnold's development -- Joe and Evan were not happy about the news.

"The guy's an awful head coach," Roberts said. 

"But you know what? Christopher Johnson's an awful owner," Benigno said.

"Well, this is why!" Roberts responded.

Jets Chairman and CEO Christopher Johnson (left) and coach Adam Gase
Danielle Parhizkaran/

With the 1-8 Redskins up next on the schedule for the Jets, Benigno said it's time for Gase to prove he's the right coach to lead the team into the future.

"Now go out there, for all these guys that love Gase and all of this -- and I'm not going to start saying names and all -- let's see it now," Benigno said. "Starting Sunday. Don't pull the usual Jet garbage and go into Washington against a terrible team with a quarterback (Dwayne Haskins) that looks like he can't even play in the league and lose to the Redskins. OK, let's start right there."

Neither Joe nor Evan sounded convinced there was a 100% chance Gase will return next season.

"A lot can change," Roberts said. "But you're telling me if this team doesn't you-know-what the bed, he's coming back anyway because he (Johnson) loves Gase's relationship with Darnold?"

"If they go 2-14, bro, I don't know how you're bringing him back," Benigno added. "He can say whatever he wants now."