Joe And Evan React To The Mets Hiring Luis Rojas

Team Names Their Second Manager This Offseason After Parting Ways With Beltran

Joe & Evan
January 22, 2020 - 3:40 pm

For the second time this offseason, Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts reacted to the Mets next managerial hire. After the Houston Astros sign-stealing scandal led to a parting of ways between the Mets and Carlos Beltran, the manager wearing orange and blue for the 2020 season will now be Luis Rojas.  

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Roberts, tired of negativity with the teams he roots for, wanted to start with a positive thought on the Mets’ decision.

“They did this very efficiently, they moved, they named their guy, it’s done, the manager is Luis Rojas,” Roberts said. “We’re not sitting here for three more weeks going into spring training not knowing who the manager is.”

Roberts had one more initial positive thought about Rojas. “He comes to this job with more experience than Carlos Beltran and he comes to this job with more experience than Aaron Boone, I think both of us would say Aaron Boone has turned out to be a pretty good manager,” Roberts added.

“One of the things that was appealing about Boone was his father and grandfather. He learned from two guys that did it pretty well in Bob and Ray Boone,” Roberts said referring to the Yankees current manger. “Well Luis Rojas learned from his pops, I would hope, because his father was a very good manager for the Montreal Expos in Felipe Alou.”

Benigno noted Felipe Alou was a pretty good player too, as was Rojas’ brother Moises Alou, who Evan said could wake up Christmas morning and get three hits.

“Does he move the needle for me?” Benigno said regarding Rojas. “No, but I’m glad they got it done quickly, we don’t know what he is, he could be a great manager…I’m just glad that they’ve moved on from this disaster with Beltran and let’s go, let’s get ready to play baseball.”

Mets quality-control coach Luis Rojas is seen during spring training at First Data Field in Port St. Lucie, Florida on Feb. 15, 2019.
Steve Mitchell/USA TODAY Images

“I am sick and tired as a fan of going through managers and coaches like water every day,” Roberts said. “I’m sick of it. The Mets had a decent run with Terry Collins and then Mickey Callaway walks through the door and you knew rather quickly he was not capable of being a major league manager.”

“The hope is, this is going to be the guy that’s going to manage the team for the next 25 years, but he comes in here, he may not be sexy, he may not move the needle,” but Roberts added he doesn’t need the manager hire to move the needle. “When it comes down to a baseball game in the middle of May, I just want someone capable of doing the job.”

Roberts believes Rojas is qualified for the job as someone that had a long tenure managing in the minor leagues, but added his most recent tenure as Mets' quality control coach is mysterious. Roberts described the quality control coach as someone who “gives a lot of the analytics to the players from the front office."

Benigno and Roberts both joked that the role of a quality control coach is not too different from Rojas' new job as manager. “Brodie will call down, here’s the lineup, you just hand out the analytics and you’re good to go,” Benigno said with a laugh.

But Evan reiterated, the goal is for Rojas to still be in the Mets’ dugout as manager 20 years from now.